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  1. Download UPSC Topper Gaurav Agarwal Study Notes in PDF
  2. Gaurav Agarwal UPSC Topper Study Notes in PDF
  3. Gaurav Aggrwal IAS Topper Notes Download 122 mb pdf
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(Download) UPSC Topper Gaurav Agarwal Study Notes in PDF History Optional Notes (+Ancient and Medieval culture part of GS Paper 1 + World History part. Here we are with UPSC Topper Gaurav Agarwal Study Notes for you to improve your exam preparation. Click Here to download UPSC Topper. UPSC / IAS Preparation Notes: Gaurav Agrawal Thanks to Jaideep Saharan for saving them in pdf and hosting on his google drive.

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Gaurav Agarwal Notes Pdf

Download IAS Topper Gaurav Agarwal Notes PDF,Hello Friends Here We Are Providing You the Notes Of IAS Topper Gaurav 1. Gaurav Agarwal UPSC Topper Study Notes in PDF. Dear Friends, today we are providing you the link of Gaurav Agrawal, Upsc Topper Notes, which will be very . Gaurav Aggrwal IAS Topper Notes Download mb pdf Gaurav Agarwal IAS (Rank 1, ) Toppers Answer Booklet Collection of.

I think greater clarity of models that comes with re-readings facilitated this jump. Apart from that, I did not shy away from trying different tricks and techniques to improve presentation of my answers. These I have discussed topic wise. Micro Cover HL Ahuja comprehensively except a few chapters. In case of any confusion, follow a simple thumb rule. If there are questions asked in previous years from that chapter or related chapters, then those needs to be covered. It is advised to make small notes of this bulky book as it is repetitive.

Select these and prepare your answers. I revised International Trade and Macroeconomics more than other topics as questions are more predictable from here and we end up attempting these questions only.

Practice diagrams, graphs and figures. If a model has a figure, i think there are no marks without it.

Download UPSC Topper Gaurav Agarwal Study Notes in PDF

There were 2 questions which required proofs. I think it is better to attempt these if you can as they may fetch you more marks if done correctly. This paper has always been a nightmare for me. Even now, I wish I could save myself from writing about it. We all know how in social sciences, it is very difficult to prove a hypothesis as so many X variables combine to give Y.

Similarly here, we try so many things in our answers that we dont know what worked. But this time in this paper, I think I did almost everything wrong except a few.

My time management was horrible in this paper. So a lot of content I had prepared, i could not write. I had skipped some topics while preparing. But I focussed on the presentation.

I made a lot of diagrams and pie charts, even if they conveyed very less. Because of these reasons I think I have got a decent score. Booklist I referred Tirthankar Roy mainly.

Gaurav Agarwal UPSC Topper Study Notes in PDF

Basic Books At a new and very first stage of preparation , the candidate is quite confused and unaware of what to read and what to skip. Analyzing the wide spectrum of syllabus and pattern of question paper one can understand that UPSC had not left a single general area not to ask a question upon.

Notes should be crispy and such that you can have access to it anytime you want. Here one must know to skip the nonuseful information as any entertainment and masala news. Look for current summits, their discussions, participated countries and their stands on that discussions, final conclusion, schemes and their implementations.

One click and you get a number of information related to that topic. Current affairs you might not get available in Magazine of the current month, but you can have it on the internet. Keep an eye on committees and their recommendations. Beyond the basics Apart from the textual information UPSC also goes beyond that and asks analytical, decision-based question s in GS paper I or in mains paper also where you have to interpret your information and view upon that.

Interview strategy Gaurav interviewed by the panel heads by Dr. Kilemsungla scoring marks. It has been a long journey with a lot of distance to cover so quality may have been compromised in some notes.

Anyways, my idea here is to give all I have and help as many as I can in their journeys. Also, if anyone has any doubt or query regarding or whatever and wants to communicate with me, I am open for communication here in comments and also on my email: I promise I would reply to each and every single query, though it may take some time. GS Paper 2 Notes: GS Paper 3 Notes: GS Paper 4 Notes: Social Issues Notes: International Affairs Notes: Internal Affairs Notes: Environment Notes: Culture Notes: Polity Notes: Geography Notes: World History Notes: Modern India Notes: Medieval India Notes: Ancient India Notes: Micro Economics Notes: Macro Economics Notes: International Economics Notes: Indian Economy Notes: Developmental Economy Notes: Click here to download in pdf format.

Thanks to Jaideep Saharan for saving them in pdf and hosting on his google drive. Like Like.

Gaurav Aggrwal IAS Topper Notes Download 122 mb pdf

I took the liberty to download most of them and upload them in PDF format , credit lies with the creator: P , I am just a messenger: Hi Sir, You are doing great work by sharing your work and experiences. After reading all of your blog entries you have infused a new enthusiasm and revived the IAS dream of mine.

I come from a computer science background and currently working in a MNC. How about the choice of optional subject, would you have any idea about Psychology?

Download IAS Topper Gaurav Agarwal Notes PDF -ias handwritten notes

I thought of Geography and Psychology and after some deep dive I came to conclusion that Psychology is a scientific subject with crisp syllabus and I am also a little interested about learning this new subject.

What is your take in this? Hi abhimanyu Yes it can be done but its not the ideal way. Option selection should be purely based on ones strength. It is possible to get 30 by adding five odd no. In this 1 is repeated so net odd number used are five this is the only possible way. Sir,thank you so much for the effort.

I had a question,why did you prepare history optional notes as you had taken economics as optional? Did you change your mind later?

BOL to you. Hello Gaurav, hws u??

Whats new! Kindly provide us your blog address. We all want to c ur interview. Thank u. I will b very thankful to u. I have no words to express my gratitude, and its not just because of the fact that you shared the notes, its because you have showed people like me, how to make them.

I am convinced that this is the best way to make notes. The level of classification with a general integration has left me awestruck.

Your attention to detail is amazing. I had appeared for but could not qualify the mains, but after reading your articles and a cursory view of your commendable notes, I am convinced that my effort was not enough indeed. I am so much impressed by your amazing work that I think, I will prepare notes of my own by using your notes as framework and your philosophy of preparation as the guiding principle.

Sir first of all congratulations to u on such a grand success….. Sir, You Are really A Superman… infact a first superhero that exist in real form and not in fiction.

Sir, I need your help in Economics General Studies.

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